Module Irmin_traces

module Import : sig ... end
module Tezos_history_metrics : sig ... end
module Trace_collection : sig ... end

Trace file construction.

module Trace_common : sig ... end

Trace_common contains utility to simplify the management of files using the following layout:

module Trace_definitions : sig ... end

Traces file format definitions.

module Trace_replay : sig ... end
module Trace_replay_intf : sig ... end
module Trace_stat_summary : sig ... end

Conversion of a Stat_trace to a summary that is both pretty-printable and exportable to JSON.

module Trace_stat_summary_cb : sig ... end
module Trace_stat_summary_conf : sig ... end

Summary configuration.

module Trace_stat_summary_pp : sig ... end

Pretty printing of one or more summaries.

module Trace_stat_summary_utils : sig ... end

Utilities to summarise data.