Getting higher network performance on MirageOS
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The functional innards of Docker for Mac and Windows
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Jackline: A secure instant messaging application, functional from the ground up
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Composing Network Operating Systems
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My First Unikernel with MirageOS
Matthew Gray
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Surfacing deep magic with library operating systems
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Knock, knock: Unikernels Calling!
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MirageOS Demonstration
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Unikernels, meet Docker!
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Unikernels and hyper-elastic clouds
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Not-So-Broken TLS: Re-engineering TLS in a Purely Functional Setting
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Non-Imperative Network Programming
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Git Your Own Immutable Infrastructure via Unikernels
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MirageOS: Robust Operating System Reengineering from the Ground Up
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Persistent Networking with Irmin and MirageOS
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Immutable Distributed Infrastructure with Unikernels
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MISO: The toolstack for distributed personal clouds
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MirageOS: Leaving Legacy Behind: A Clean-Slate Approach to Operating Systems
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Nymote: Git Your Own Cloud
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Designing Secure Services with Unikernels: A Tough Nut to Crack
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Immutable Distributed Infrastructure for Unikernels
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Not-Quite-So-Broken TLS: Lessons in Re-engineering a Security Protocol Specification and Implementation
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State of the Mirage: Student Seminar
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Building Functional Infrastructure with MirageOS
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Towards Functional Operating Systems: Keynote
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Unikernels: A Principled Foundation for Networked Services: Student Seminar
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Trustworthy Secure Modular Operating System Engineering
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State of the MirageOS
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Git your own Cloud: Summoning Unikernels
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Jitsu: Just-In-Time Summoning of Unikernels
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Nymote: Git your own Cloud Here
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Compile your own Cloud with Mirage OS
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Let a Billion Clouds Bloom
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MirageOS and OCaml-TLS: Fun Operating System Engineering
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Unikernels: Functional Operating System Design
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MirageOS 2.0: Branch Consistency for Xen Stub Domains
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Build Your Own Functional Operating System
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Nymote: Git Your Own Cloud Here
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Mirage 2.0: Modular Systems Programming
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Mirage Cloud Operating System and the OCaml Language
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Branch Consistency, or How to Design a Version Controlled Database
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User-Centric Networking: Nottingham/Cambridge Workplan
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My Other Operating System is a Mirage: MirageOS
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Liquid Scheduling with Unikernels
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MirageOS: Compiling Functional Library Operating Systems
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MirageOS: Modular Operating System Programming
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Modular Operating System Construction
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MirageOS: Tomorrow's Cloud, Today
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Compiling Functional Library Operating Systems with MirageOS
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MirageOS and Xapi Project Updates and Cool Stuff
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My Other Internet is a Mirage(OS)
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My Other Internet is a Mirage
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Mirage: Extreme Specialisation of Cloud Appliances
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