Module Irmin_unix

Unix backends

This module provides Irmin backends for Unix applications. The currently supported backends are:

val info : ?author:string -> ('aStdlib.Format.formatter, unit, Irmin.Info.f) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a

info fmt () creates a fresh commit info, with the date set to Unix.gettimeoday () and the author built using Unix.gethostname() and Unix.getpid() if author is not provided.

module FS : sig ... end

File system backends, using bin_prot.

module Git : sig ... end

Bidirectional Git backends.

module Http : sig ... end

REST (over HTTP) backend..

val set_listen_dir_hook : unit -> unit

Install Irmin_watcher.hook as the listen hook for watching changes in directories.

module Graphql : sig ... end
module Cli : sig ... end

CLI commands.

module Resolver : sig ... end

Irmin store resolver.