Module Irmin.Private.Watch

Watch provides helpers to register event notifications on read-write stores.

Watch Helpers

module type S : sig ... end

The signature for watch helpers.

val workers : unit ‑> int

workers () is the number of background worker threads managing event notification currently active.

type hook = int ‑> string ‑> (string ‑> unit Lwt.t) ‑> (unit ‑> unit Lwt.t) Lwt.t

The type for watch hooks.

val none : hook

none is the hooks which asserts false.

val set_listen_dir_hook : hook ‑> unit

Register a function which looks for file changes in a directory and return a function to stop watching. It is probably best to use Irmin_watcher.hook there. By default, it uses none.

module Make : functor (K : Contents.S0) -> functor (V : Contents.S0) -> S with type key = K.t and type value = V.t

Make builds an implementation of watch helpers.