Obuildsimple package build system for ocaml
OcamlfindA library manager for OCaml
CmdlinerDeclarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml
CtypesCombinators for binding to C libraries without writing any C.
IpaddrIP (and MAC) address representation library
MenhirLR(1) parser generator
Mirage-typesModule type definitions for Mirage-compatible applications
OmdA Markdown frontend in pure OCaml.
OptcompOptional compilation with cpp-like directives
OunitUnit testing framework loosely based on HUnit. It is similar to JUnit, and other XUnit testing frameworks
ReRE is a regular expression library for OCaml
Sqlite3-ocamlSQLite3 bindings
SslBindings for the libssl
Type_convLibrary for building type-driven syntax extensions
UuidmModule for universally unique identifiers (UUIDs)
UutfNon-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml
XmlmStreaming XML codec for OCaml
Dyntypesyntax extension which makes OCaml types and values easier to manipulate programmatically
EzxmlmCombinators to use with XMLM for parsing and selection
FieldslibSyntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values
JsonmNon-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml
LwtA cooperative threads library for OCaml
Mirage-clock-unixA Mirage-compatible Clock library for Unix
Mirage-clock-xenA Mirage-compatible Clock library for Xen
Ocplib-endianOptimised functions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings and bigarrays, based on new primitives added in version 4.01.
TuntapTUN/TAP bindings
UriRFC3986 URI parsing library
CowXML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and Markdown syntax and libraries
Cstructaccess C structures via a camlp4 extension
EzjsonmAn easy interface on top of the Jsonm library
Js_of_ocamlCompiler from OCaml bytecode to Javascript
OrmThe ORM library provides a storage backend to persist ML values.
Io-page-unixAllocate OS memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
Io-page-xenAllocate OS memory pages suitable for aligned I/O
Mirage-fs-unixMirage filesystem passthrough driver for Unix
NbdNetwork Block Device (NBD) protocol native OCaml library
Pcap-formatread and write pcap-formatted network packet traces
RpcA library to deal with RPCs in OCaml
Shared-memory-ringShared memory rings for RPC and bytestream communications.
Vhd-formatA pure OCaml library for reading and writing .vhd format data with a particular emphasis on efficient streaming and format conversion.
XenctrlLow-level xen hypercall bindings.
XenstoreXenstore protocol clients and server
MirageThe Mirage OS.
Mirage-block-unixMirage disk block driver for Unix
Mirage-net-unixEthernet network driver for Mirage, using tuntap
Mirage-unixMirage OS library for UNIX compilation
Mirage-xenMirage OS library for Xen compilation
Xenstore_transportLow-level libraries for connecting to a xenstore service on a xen host.
Mirage-block-xenMirage block driver for Xen that implements the blkfront/back protocol
Mirage-console-unixA Mirage-compatible Console library for Unix
Mirage-console-xenA Mirage-compatible Console library for Xen
Mirage-net-xenEthernet network device driver for Mirage/Xen
Mirage-tcpip-unixUserlevel TCP/IP stack
VchanXen Vchan implementation
Mirage-tcpip-xenUserlevel TCP/IP stack
CohttpHTTP library for Lwt, Async and Mirage
CowablogaSimple static blogging support.
Mirage-http-unixMirage HTTP client and server driver for Unix
Mirage-http-xenMirage HTTP client and server driver for Xen